"We had a wonderful experience with our son at Central. Riley was not raised Catholic, so we were nervous. Not once was he ever made to feel anything, but excepted. We love the morals of the school and appreciate the opportunities that he had while attending and the opportunities he continues to see since graduating. Central provides a solid foundation! GO MUSTANGS!"

Tracy & Sara MurphyRiley Dickinson, Class of 2019

My son Dawson was nearly expelled from his previous school. It felt as though everyone wanted him to fail. Our family chose to pull him from public school and were accepted into GFCCHS. Deacon Bob and Wes Ross were open, honest, and welcoming. Deacon was firm and we knew he was going to hold Dawson accountable. We were nervous, but hopeful. After only two days of in-school classes, COVID closed the school, but we could already see a change. GFCCHS did an amazing job of keeping track of Dawson, even during virtual classes. Dawson got caught up and passed all of his classes. He was asked by Head Football Coach Wes Ross to join the football team as one of the managers this fall and in just a few weeks of participating in team activities, my son has blossomed. He has volunteered for GFCCHS, applied for a job, decided to get his driver’s license, and opened a bank account. I feel GFCCHS saved my son and is truly a blessing to our family. I am so grateful for everything GFCCHS has done for our family. I am excited for my son’s future!

Darcy BarsottiDawson Bernardi Class of 2023

As parents, we are constantly asking ourselves, “what’s right for our kids?” This spring, my husband and I had to ask that regarding school for our two younger children. Our son Jacob has been struggling the last few years and we were also concerned about the quality of education our daughter Juliann was going to receive as she transitioned into high school.

We know people that have had children attend Great Falls Central Catholic and recommended it so we made a few calls. Mrs. Turoski was helpful and knowledgeable. We made an appointment to meet with Deacon Bob; he was able to answer all of our questions and talked with Jacob and Juliann about their future plans for school and beyond. He has a very calming effect when you speak with him and when he said his door is always open, we knew he truly meant it. Mrs. Stevens and Coach Ross have gone above and beyond to make our children feel welcomed and involved in school activities. Our kids are excited and looking forward to this new adventure!

Brian & Toni PhillipsJacob & Juliann Class of 2021 & 2024