School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council is a consultative body to the school administration and to the Bishop, subject to the regulations promulgated by the Bishop or the Diocesan Superintendent of the Schools acting on behalf of the Bishop.

The purpose of the Advisory Council is to provide counsel, advice, and recommendations to the school administration for successful school operations. All recommendations and/or decisions of the Advisory Council shall ideally be reached by consensus or if not, a majority.

If the Advisory Council reaches consensus with any matter that cannot be supported by the School Administration, the School Administration and School Advisory Council Chair will bring the matter to the Superintendent for a final decision.

School Advisory Council Members

Kelby Donnelly

Dr. Tim Uhl, Superintendent

Hugh Smith, Advancement

Sean Pahut, ex-officio

Keith Shumacher

Ed Joyce

Phil VanDenBrink, Principal

Hayley Leray, Vice- Chair

David Milkovich, Finance

Tom Cook, ex-officio

Edie Tarum

Fr. Oliver Doyle, ex-officio

Dr. Tim Laurent, Chair

Jason Holden