Fair Share Program

The Central Fair Share Program helps the school by enabling it to receive services to run a variety of programs, services and events that it would otherwise have to hire outside workers or additional school staff to do. This in turn helps families by keeping the cost of tuition as affordable as possible. Additionally, this program assists in providing quality programs for students and helps build community among our families and school. It is very rewarding, as well as a lot of fun.

The Fair Share Program requires that each family – specifically the responsible parents – provide 30 hours of service to the school each year. While there are great benefits to both family and school when family members provide these service hours, a family may instead choose to “buy out” of the service commitment calculated at a rate of $25.00/hour. This means, for example, that a family electing to completely opt-out of this commitment would be required to remit $750 ($25/hour x 30 hours). The “Fair Share” balance amount will be due by the end of school. After that date, families will be charged at the $25/hour rate for each hour short of this 30 hours requirement. All policies found in Central’s Student/Parent Handbook and/or otherwise applicable to the collection of tuition will apply to any outstanding “Fair Share” amount. If any family has a request for modifications to this requirement (for example, some single-parent situations) they should contact the school administration.

In order to assure proper accounting for each families work commitment, Fair Share clipboards will be available at each event. It is each family’s responsibility to locate the sign in sheet and sign in and out whenever they work. This is the only accepted method of submitting hours to fulfill the Fair Share commitment, unless prior written approval for an alternative is received from the school administration. Each family is sent a quarterly statement showing service hours reported, service hours approved, service hours remaining to complete commitment, cash equivalent of the hours owed and suggestions on how hours may be completed via upcoming volunteer opportunities.

Included below is a list of just a few of the activities ways a family can log hours. They range from participating in fundraisers to working sporting events and helping maintain the school building and grounds. This listing is not all-inclusive, just a sampling of the many volunteer opportunities that qualify for “Fair Share” credit. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the school principal. See you at Central! Go Mustangs!

Partial List of Family Fair Share

Service Opportunities:
Assist as office receptionist
Bus driver
Building/Grounds Maintenance: mowing, weeding, cleaning parking lot, after-event clean up, back to school cleaning
Kitchen Assistance: setup, serve, clean up
Celebration Chair, Sub-Committee Chair or team member
Cow pie Bingo
Concessions at all sporting events
Volleyball line judge, official book, sell tickets, run scoreboard, post-game cleanup
Football equipment set up and tear down, sell tickets, run scoreboard, post-game cleanup
Basketball book keeper, sell tickets, run scoreboard, post-game cleanup
Track & Field sell tickets at District/Divisional Meet