Health Enhancement

Advanced P.E.

This course develops physical strength and skill beyond that from the freshman and sophomore year. Students participate in sports games as well as aerobic, stretching, and weight strengthening workouts. The students in this class will participate in many lifetime sports activities, such as skiing, through fieldtrip opportunities. Mrs. Olson

Freshman Health and Physical Education

The health curriculum incorporates the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of a wellness model. Students are faced with important health issues, critical thinking skills, and responsible decision making. Topics include personal safety and accident prevention, basic first aid, maintenance and nutrition, chemical awareness and self esteem, suicide, family health, relationships, violence, reproduction and heredity, pregnancy and birth, STD’s and AIDS. Freshmen boys and girl will be introduced to a variety of activities throughout the year. Emphasis will be place on participation and the development of basic skills. The main goal is to improve the health system, flexibility, endurance, strength, and percent of body fat. Mrs. Olson

Sophomore Physical Education

Various activities are utilized to develop skills, improve knowledge of rules and regulations of activities, game strategies, and the courtesy involved in each activity. Activities emphasize lifetime sports on a recreational rather than competitive basis. Mrs. Olson

Weight Training

Physical conditioning is stressed during the class. Students can expect to lift weights throughout the course and condition on a regular basis. Mr. Nelson

Med Prep

Students gain knowledge and experience in the medical profession through hands-on and classroom work and general observation. Skill areas covered include: Anatomy and physiology, aseptic technique, CPR, First Aid, infection control, medical terminology/medical abbreviations, professional ethics and taking vital signs. Mrs. Olson

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