Fine Arts

Art 1 and 2

When taking Art 1 students will learn about the basic art principles this includes beginning techniques in drawing, painting, printing making, beginning sculpture and clay. Students will become familiar with principles and elements of design while completing a variety of assigned projects and experimenting with different media and processes. In addition to art production, students will be introduced to art history, art criticism and aesthetics In Art 2 students will continue on with the basics and continue to grow within the principles and elements of design and use a similar format but continue on with a more guided options approach. They will also include some of the familiar techniques designing their own pieces at the next level.

Graphic Design

Students will study the art of visual communication in the Graphic Design class. Focusing on basic design fundamentals the students will create two dimensional work such as logos, brochures, and advertising along with learning the business end of a design career. Included in this class experience is the satisfaction of having the school Yearbook be the final product of their new graphic knowledge. Mrs. Keele

3-D Art

Students will gain knowledge in various sculptural processes and materials, creating three dimensional forms as works of art. They will also develop their visual skills by maintaining a sketchbook. Mrs. Keele